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Gold Silicone Eye Dressing

◆For Beauty with Skin Issues to Solve
◆Popular in Europe and U.S
◆Fit Various Size of Faces
◆Patented Anti-bacteria Technology

Price NT$ 3,000 Special Offer NT$ 1,500

  •  Spec
    • Shape: Eye Shape
    • Dimension: 280 x 90 mm
    • Weight: 50g
    • Material: Gold Powder, Refined Pearl Powder, Platinum, Zinc Oxide, Healthcare-grade silicone
    • Color available: Gold
    • Cleanning: Wash with soap and water.
    • Q'ty option: 1pc pack
  • Direction
    • Remove thin film off at first use 
    • Cleanse the eye dressing in water before each use.
    • You may put it on skin directly, or apply any kind of serum of your choice to thoroughly cleansed face prior.
    • Then press the smooth side of the eye dressing around your eyes and hook it on to your ears properly.
    • For the best result, leave it on for at least 15 minutes
    • Remove and massage any remaining serum until fully absorbed if applied.
    • Wash away any remains and perspiration on skin after each use.  
  • Cautions
    • Wash out remaining serum and perspiration on the eye dressing after each use to ensure cleaness.
    • Keep it away from moisture between uses.
    • To ensure the best result, replace eye dressing every six months or anytime when luster of gold fade away.
    • Stop using if any unconfortable symptom occurred and consult with doctor  
    • Stay away from sharp objects
    • Keep out of reach from children